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The General Manager Of TOPOWER Company,Wang Hengyi, Attended The 17th Plenary Session Of The 14th Funing County Committee Of The Communist Party Of China
- Jan 02, 2019 -

On Jan 2th, 2019, the 17th Plenary session of the 14th CPC Committee of Funing County was held in Funing Cultural Center. Wang Hengyi, the General Manager of Jiangsu Topower Wheel Co., Ltd. attended the meeting as the representative of Funing County backbone enterprise. 

Xu Huaming, the secretary of the county party committee, presented the report entitled《Breakthrough inland thinking, green development, high quality construction, new year, Jianghuai happy land》.During the meeting,The work report of the county party committee standing committee and the party building work were discussed in groups. The meeting passed the 《Resolution  of the Seventh Plenary session of the 14th CPC Committee of Funing County, CPC.(draft)》